"Very pleasant experience with this rental property. Staff were so nice and they made sure my apartment was spotless before moving in! The price is affordable and there’s plenty of parking so you don’t have to worry about you or your guests getting towed. The only issue is that since there are many residents and a senior citizens complex, there tends to be many ambulances that come to the property, sometimes at random times early in the morning. However, that’s not really an issue that the property can control. It’s been great living here and I plan on renewing."

Marie Griffith  Resident, Jan 2019. 

"Been here for almost two years never had an issue. staff are fast and friendly. its quiet, safe, and reasonable rent prices with utilities included. I plan on leasing my apartment for another 2 years."

DeAndre Morton, Resident Nov 2019.

"I have lived in this place for years and the security is awesome the K9 security is awesome The clubhouse the swimming pool the store the salon the gated community of our own to keep people from just running in and out they have to pass through the security Booth's, . Feel secure and I love my apartment."

Mycles Treasures, Resident 2018.